Ideas For How To Decorate Your Bedroom When Your Are A Boy

Your mother probably thinks your idea of decorating your bedroom is socks in a corner, toys scattered across the floor, and clothes almost in the basket. You probably have some other ideas on how you would like to decorate your room. A boys bedroom should reflect his personality, his hobbies, and his interests.

What do you like to do? That simple question will help you get a few ideas on how to decorate your bedroom.

If you love to play soccer, you might consider putting a fake grass rug on the floor to give you the feel of a soccer field. You can add framed posters of your favorites soccer players to the walls. You can find soccer themed bed sheets, pillow cases, and comforters for your bed to complete the theme.

Younger boys may be more interested in their favorite cartoon characters. Would you like a room based on the Teen Titans, Ben Ten, or Iron Man, or another super hero? Imagine how cool your room would look with painted to match the colors of your favorite characters outfit. You can then add a set of sheets and blankets featuring your favorite character. You can add posters of the character, their friends, and maybe even of the villains. Your toys become part of the decor of the room.

What about custom beds? Young boys often get excited when they see beds that look like race cars or other fun items. You can find custom bed frames at reasonable prices, or you can even find purple promo code and get the whole bed from the retailer.

Older boys are usually ready to switch to a more serious theme. Are you already in your teens and ready to put the kids ideas behind you? What are your school colors? What are the colors of your favorite college team? You can use those colors to create a cool design in your room. You may have to argue with your mother about your bold choices a little, unless she is a big supporter of the team, too.

You can then decide if you want to stick with the team design for the rest of the room, or switch it up by going with posters featuring other interests. You could go with your favorites cars, favorite television stars, or other posters that peak your interest.

Boys, we have a little advice for you. Do not get too crazy with your ideas. You need to keep them a little under control so your parents agree. We have all seen the ads where a boy starts to paint his room completely black and his mother calls a halt to the action. You can be very creative and get the room you want without your parents saying no.

Start your bedroom decorating plans with what you love to do and you will design a room you enjoy for years.

Parents, you need to keep in mind every few years your young man will outgrow his bedroom design. If you stay with items that are easy to change like paint, posters, and comforters, you can change the design inexpensively and quickly.


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