Desk mats – what color, size and material to choose?


Desk mats are an interesting and original decoration that is useful not only for the peace of the child. The variety of designs and colors makes desk mats increasingly popular in offices and even schools.

Which protective mat should you choose?

Desk pads are most often made of chalk paper or PVC material. Which material is better for a children’s room? Which one should you choose for your office? What patterns and colors will be fashionable in spring / summer 2021? Are desk mats safe for a child? The time of spring changes in interior design is approaching – get inspired and create an original, spring look!

Chalkboard or PVC mat – which one to choose for a child’s room?

The most popular desk pads are chalk paper pads printed with a world map, periodic table or lesson plan. These are typical school accessories to help the child remember the most important information. Such washers, although they seem hard, are actually very easily damaged. With a little effort, it can be bent so that it does not return to its original shape. The chalk paper pads also do not tolerate flooding with drinks, the mat soaks up and creates an ugly, indelible stain. PVC material desk protection mats are resistant to water, juice, coffee, sticky, carbonated drinks, just wash them (even under running water) and they will return to their original state quickly. They do not deform, do not scratch (provided that it is not done intentionally), they are easy to keep clean. Unlike chalk paper mats, they have many more options to choose patterns and color options, thanks to which they will perfectly complement the interior arrangement as a fashionable and functional accessory. Desk pads are safe for children, just like those made of chalk paper.

What patterns and colors will be fashionable in spring / summer 2021?

Use earth tones this spring, such as olive, khaki, brick, sand, dark gray, navy blue and anthracite. These colors will bring stability and harmony to the interior, brighten it and break the neutrality. Another color proposal for the upcoming season are color combinations such as: white and shades of blue, deep gray and intense honey yellow. The first color combination is classic, elegant and harmonizes well with the nautical and Scandinavian styles. The cool blue color will add depth to the white and make the interior more refined. Honey yellow will warm up deep gray, bring out warm tones, and thus warm up and brighten the interior. It is good to introduce colors such as navy blue, burgundy or khaki into the interior gradually so as not to overwhelm it. In this role, accessories such as a couch cover, colorful pillows, flower pot covers, or desk mats, which can also be successfully used as a decoration for a dining table or a coffee table, will work well.

Get inspired and create your own spring interior with an idea!


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