An interesting weekend in Krakow – how to spend it?


Krakow is an extremely interesting, atmospheric city in Poland. It will suit both thrill seekers, history buffs and people who simply like to stroll and enjoy the views. It is impossible to get bored in this city, and there is plenty to see! Therefore, a weekend in Krakow can be filled to the brim. How to spend an interesting weekend in Krakow?

Cracow in two days

So what to do in Krakow if we visit it only for a weekend? We suggest!


Wawel Castle is a place that is almost a symbol of our country. Who of us does not know the legend of the Wawel Dragon? Wawel Castle is a hill that towers over the Old Town. Wawel is home to the Royal Castle – a must for any history lover – and the Archcathedral Basilica of St. Stanislaus and St. Wenceslaus. Inside there are many chapels and crypts that are worth seeing.

Speaking of the Old Town…

You can’t miss this place. It is a neighborhood that never sleeps. It is not only an amazing place in terms of architecture, but also the cultural center of the city. Besides, there are plenty of cafes, restaurants where you can spend long hours relaxing and chatting.

Museum of Contemporary Art

However, if you’re only in Krakow for the weekend, there’s no point in sitting too long in the Old Town. It is also worth going to a museum. An interesting option would be MOCAK – Museum of Contemporary Art. It is a perfect place for art lovers – not only paintings but also literature. This is because the place has a perfectly equipped library with over 10 thousand books, unusual because they were donated by Polish artists and writers. Isn’t it fascinating?


Krakow is not only pleasant and joyful places. A very important, but also difficult trip, is to visit the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration and extermination camp, where the Museum has been operating since 1947. This memorial is a large area that can take several hours to explore. It is worth remembering that it requires full concentration and respect. In this place unimaginable suffering of many people took place.

Krakow shooting tour

If you need excitement, it seems ideal to visit Krakow shooting. You can buy a special tour for the occasion and practice shooting with professional instructors. If you want to try how to handle a gun, this might be the attraction for you.

Spending a weekend in Krakow is a great idea. You can really do a lot of sightseeing at that time!


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