Which cosmetic packages are comfort for user

The segment of modern cosmetics packages is growing dynamically when it comes to the development of individual product categories, but also when it comes to the use of new, even more advanced mechanisms within the packaging, and the innovative materials from which they are made. It also has an impact on the comfort of using this type of products.

How big is the cosmetics market and what products dominate it?

The value of the cosmetics market in 2020 was over $652 billion. It is estimated that in 2025 it could reach as much as $805 billion. Skin and hair care cosmetics, perfumes, deodorants, and oral hygiene products are the leading product categories on the cosmetic market. Skin care is the largest product category that covers nearly 40% of the world market. The next two leading categories of the global cosmetics market are hair care products – 21%, and make-up products – 19%.

And what is the market value of packaging for cosmetics?

The Packaging for cosmetics market derives from the revenues generated in the cosmetics market. It is estimated that in 2017 it was up to $25 billion, and in 2023 it will exceed $32 billion.

Trying to define best cosmetic packaging

From the consumers point of view, the best cosmetic packaging is the one that is appreciated by buyers. To achieve this, both the product and the packaging itself have to come a long way.

In the case of packaging, it must provide effective protection for the substance inside. So we are sure that the customer will be safe using the product.

The appearance, durability, or hermetic closure of the package are just some of the product features associated with the guarantee of the best quality.

Comfort matters!

Modern cosmetics packages are also convenience to use for consumers. It is also related to the quality of the packaging. Comfort is provided by such packaging that:

  • allow a sufficiently long storage of the product. They have a long expiration date, sometimes even several years.
  • ensure no air access to the product, so that no harmful oxidation processes take place and the applied product does not clump together in the form of cream or serum. This allows the customer to conveniently distribute the substance on the body surface.
  • their size is scalable, so that your favorite product can be purchased in a very large, economical package, as well as in a smaller one, allowing you to take the product on a trip,
  • are made of various materials, either plastic, glass, or recyclable materials. The feeling of meeting ecological requirements by the packaging gives the customer the comfort of a well-made purchase.

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