New and used butchers machinery

If you are running a business in the food industry Ery Food Machinery gives you an opportunity to enhance the process of packing, slicing grinding and chopping meat by selling top quality butchers machinery. Check out our offer and contact us for further information.

Used butcher machines – quality compared to new devices

ERY Food Machinery offers used butchers machinery for processing meat and food. Due to careful selection and regular servicing our used equipment is as good choice as new machines. You are guaranteed to get the reliable equipment of the highest quality despite its previous use. Machinery in our offer comes from manufactures experienced in producing modern, effective equipment intended for operating at maximum performance for many years. For reasonable prices we offer butchers machinery of the highest quality designed to withstand the toughest tasks in the food industry. Meat grinders, clippers, slicers, weighers, skinners, bowl choppers, vacuum stuffers, separators are among devices that we offer for processing food businesses. In total, we have over 1000 pieces of specialized equipment designed to process and prepare for sale various types of food.

Vacuum packing machines – comfortable food packing

Thermoforming is a plastic molding technique in which plastic sheets are heated in order to make them easy to manipulate and form into a desired shape. Thermoformers are vacuum packing machines used to make packaging in industrial food processing facilities. The machine sucks air from the inside of the foil package and forms an extremely tight seal. Usage of packers significantly extends the lifespan of products. Packing equipment is very helpful in the process of the production and sale of food. We have a wide selection of different vacuum packing machines, various sizes and power, different suction pump capacity and different control (e.g. different number of available programs) also differ in weight and size. We encourage you to get acquainted with our offer and place orders.


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