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my new perfect

I have accepted that I am not particularly happy being at home with my kids, but I still feel like it’s the right thing for my family, and being honest about that is important.


  1. Harry says:

    A possibility . . . recognizing and being honest with yourself about what “makes you happy” is important. This has to do with self-awareness. Whether or not to “accept” the way that you respond to the world – children, family, friends, strangers, the weather – however, is, as you suggest, a decision. Whether something makes us “happy” at a given moment, is dependent on our needs which, to a large extent, are based on perceptions v. some innate “true version” of ourselves. While it is perfectly reasonable to “accept” the fact that being at home with your kids does not make you happy then sacrifice out of a sense of love, etc. it is also possible – if you chose to stay home – to develop perspectives/values that allows this to make you “happy;” beyond the satisfaction gained from altruism. We are as capable of controlling our perceptions and our happiness- if we can be first be honest with ourselves, as you note – as our perceptions are of controlling us and our happiness; at least that’s my perception. :-)

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