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We Were Supposed to Have It All … Instead, We Learned to Multitask

Our generation was told we could be anything — and we heard, “You must be everything.” And so we became multitaskers, ferociously and relentlessly. We learned to boast about how much we could do at once, how we could schedule a parent-teacher conference, respond to a client email and 1-Click order the latest parenting book from Amazon, all while listening in on a conference call from the sidelines of our kid’s soccer game. We built businesses while we were breastfeeding and learned to use Skype to be two places at once. History and technology opened the doors to Having It All — but no one told us that “all” is something we’d have to define very, very carefully.

This week in Crain’s Chicago Business, Becky writes about Having It All — and how, once we rethink what that means, the relentless multitasking will subside.

Read more here, and share your thoughts. How do you curb the urge to multitask your way through life?


  1. Lyne says:

    Great article! My son once said “Mom why is it that all moms does’t know how to rest? ” It is a simple question but need a concrete answer. Moms are like that, trying to be a super woman to accomplished things.

    I really agree that we should know do things that makes us happy and we should know how to prioritize things for us to be able to do everything with a smile in our face.
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