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Should women get double the salary for having a baby?

I knew I loved Australia for a reason. (OK, my reasons for loving Oz are many; this next bit is really just icing on the cake. Or whipped cream on the pavlova, or chocolate on the Tim Tams, or whatever …) According to a story on TODAY Moms, an Australian company has instituted a new policy meant not only to encourage new moms to return to work, but to reduce the financial pressure that comes with it. When women at Insurance Australia Group return from their 14-week maternity leave, they will get DOUBLE the salary for their first six weeks back.

Sound great? Apparently not everyone agrees. Some commenters on The Grindstone felt it was unfair to those without children.

What do you think? Is it fair to give a new mom extra money when she returns to work?


  1. 8bit says:

    This just seems wrong to me. Imagine negotiating for your salary at a new job, and having them ask about your marriage and family status because they will be basing your salary on that. This is pretty much the same thing, but time-shifted until after someone is hired. In this case it’s directly tying a bonus to people of a certain sex and family status. How would it be seen if it were for men getting married?

  2. Annie says:

    I think it’s fair enough. Besides, it’s not for a lifetime. It’s just for the first 6 weeks.
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