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Community Is Our Power

Today our friend Patty Lennon over at Mom Gets a Life has some thoughts to share about how women can leverage their natural ability to socialize. Read on …

By Patty Lennon

When I was little, and my mom was bored, we’d pack up the old stroller and head down the street to visit a neighbor.  Back then it seemed those visits were all about us kids.  Now that I’m a mom, I realize those visits to neighbors probably kept my mother sane.

Today most of us don’t live in that kind of neighborhood. We find our communities other ways: in schools, places of worship and even on

One of the greatest gifts we have as women is our ability to leverage socializing.  We raise money, change school policies, change public policy and have parks built — not with brute strength but with strength in numbers.

When I decided to launch the Mom Gets A Business Conference, many experts guided me to go out and seek sponsorships from big brands with deep pockets. I didn’t buy it. Don’t get me wrong.  I love deep pockets, but I knew an easier and quicker way was to call upon the community that led me to launch the Mom Gets A Business Conference – moms.

Last week I launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to do just that.  I’ve been thrilled by the support and funds flowing in from regular, everyday not-deep-pocket moms.

We hit 20 percent of our goal on Day One.  The “experts” were surprised.

I wasn’t.  Of course we did well – we are moms, serving moms and being supported by moms.  There is nothing we can’t do. Life can feel overwhelming for many moms, especially in our current environment.

If you are in need of a little support, go figure out a way to be with your community.  Talk.  Ask for help.  Give help.

It can be scary to reach out.  We face rejection. But community is how we get things done. This is our power. And right now, the world needs our unique form of power!

Patty Lennon is the CEO of Mom Gets A Life and the founder of the Mom Gets A Business Conference.  If you’d like more information on the conference or how you can support her crowdfunding campaign visit:


  1. LINDA H JONES says:

    I remember my mom’s neighborhood friends gathering in our kitchen for coffee and talk in the 50′s–it was wonderful. I never gave a thought to their sanity. When I see how separate neighborhoods are now, play equipment, no one outside, I feel for the loss of that outlet.

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