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Calling all women lawyers in the Chicago area

Women lawyers in Chicago: Do you have five minutes to complete a survey about how you “balance” work and the rest of life? The questions are easy, and everyone who participates gets a coupon for $20 off a 60-minute massage at Urban Oasis. Please share this with other female lawyers in the Chicago area — they’ll get the massage coupon, too.

Here’s the scoop:

A Chicago-based startup called The Legal Balance is relaunching later this year with a new suite of offerings designed to make it easier than ever for women lawyers in Chicago to develop their businesses, connect with potential clients and referral sources, and manage their lives. The Legal Balance wants to elevate the conversation about the advancement of women in the legal profession. Which is why they need to know what would help YOU the most.

Please click the link to answer the questions and print your Urban Oasis coupon. Remember, it should only take five minutes to complete:

Don’t wait … the survey closes at midnight on Friday, Jan. 18, 2013.

So We’re Going on a Journey…

In two days, the Temples will crowd our essential belongings into the Honda and begin an eleven-day journey across the country. Our destination? La Jolla, California. Crowdsourced selection, of course, suggested by a preponderance of our Facebook friends. An ideal sabbatical location, I thinkhope.

Our destination

We’ll be leaving behind our dogs (don’t worry, we have a house/dog sitter and knew that Travis and Ty wouldn’t enjoy the trip), our friends, and our “normal.” Our kids will start at a new school and John and I will dive into new writing projects. I’m finishing up an academic book and hoping to spend most of my work hours writing about professional women and their work/life struggles. John has a new non-fiction book up his sleeve. And we both want to learn to surf. Seriously.

The weather should be great and I’ve never lived so close to the beach. It seems a little crazy, but also really right. I’m drawing my courage from the women of Good Enough Is the New Perfect, who taught me that it’s okay to take a leap of faith. I’ll write a bit about our adventure here — hope you’ll join me for the ride.

In the meantime, happy holidays to everyone who has supported us over the years. It’s a gift that I’ll pay forward in whatever way I can. Looking forward (honestly, not just saying it) to 2013!


What’s the Best Gift You Can Give this Holiday Season?

Happy December! In this new piece for the Learning Care Group, I dug deep and discovered that the gifts of unconditional love and acceptance would top my boys’ lists this season (even if they don’t know it). The piece was inspired by Dr. Brene Brown‘s new book, Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent and Lead. I’d love to hear you thoughts on it!

How Will You Stay Sane This Holiday Season?

I love the holidays, but like many moms, they can stress me out. In a piece I wrote for the Learning Care Group, I share some of my favorite tips for remaining calm during the holiday season. One reminder that works for the holidays, and every day: Breathe! What’s your best tip?

Community Is Our Power

Today our friend Patty Lennon over at Mom Gets a Life has some thoughts to share about how women can leverage their natural ability to socialize. Read on …

By Patty Lennon

When I was little, and my mom was bored, we’d pack up the old stroller and head down the street to visit a neighbor.  Back then it seemed those visits were all about us kids.  Now that I’m a mom, I realize those visits to neighbors probably kept my mother sane.

Today most of us don’t live in that kind of neighborhood. We find our communities other ways: in schools, places of worship and even on

One of the greatest gifts we have as women is our ability to leverage socializing.  We raise money, change school policies, change public policy and have parks built — not with brute strength but with strength in numbers.

When I decided to launch the Mom Gets A Business Conference, many experts guided me to go out and seek sponsorships from big brands with deep pockets. I didn’t buy it. Don’t get me wrong.  I love deep pockets, but I knew an easier and quicker way was to call upon the community that led me to launch the Mom Gets A Business Conference – moms.

Last week I launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to do just that.  I’ve been thrilled by the support and funds flowing in from regular, everyday not-deep-pocket moms.

We hit 20 percent of our goal on Day One.  The “experts” were surprised.

I wasn’t.  Of course we did well – we are moms, serving moms and being supported by moms.  There is nothing we can’t do. Life can feel overwhelming for many moms, especially in our current environment.

If you are in need of a little support, go figure out a way to be with your community.  Talk.  Ask for help.  Give help.

It can be scary to reach out.  We face rejection. But community is how we get things done. This is our power. And right now, the world needs our unique form of power!

Patty Lennon is the CEO of Mom Gets A Life and the founder of the Mom Gets A Business Conference.  If you’d like more information on the conference or how you can support her crowdfunding campaign visit:

Clogged Pipeline: Women Aren’t Choosing Law School

Here’s Hollee’s latest from the ABA Journal, on why women are choosing careers other than law. Statistics show that the number of women entering law school has been on the decline over the last decade, and at some schools, women are  fewer than 40 percent of entering classes.

Lawyer-moms often tell us that law is one of the most difficult professions for work/life balance. Do you agree?