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Communications Consultant

I’m good enough because I have finally realized that I can do just about anything that I want to. Moving, plumbing, landscaping, painting, carpentry, interior design, accounting, investing, travelling, and most of just surviving! On my own!
And, oh, learning how to not letting my feelings get hurt over really insignificant drama is the hardest thing I have comed to terms with. Faith has brought me through!

my new perfect

I have accepted that I am not particularly happy being at home with my kids, but I still feel like it’s the right thing for my family, and being honest about that is important.

Rocking the round

I’m good enough because I won’t be any smarter, friendlier or funnier at 115 than I am at 150!


My new perfect is convincing my kids to be the Imagination Movers for Halloween, because we already have those costumes and therefore I don’t have to hand-sew my own like a “good mother” (i.e. my mother) might. Liberation from feeling like I have to do it like my mother did it is how I know I’m my kids’ perfectly imperfect mother.

Embrace small accomplishments

i can’t do it all I’ve realized. But I celebrate what I can do, right now, in this moment in my life, however small, and that’s good enough for me!

Postpartum depression doesn’t make me a bad mom

When I was pregnant, I had so many people tell me I was going to be a great mom. Well, duh, I thought. Of course I will. I should perhaps have paid attention to the fact that none of those people were parents. At least not recent ones.

Turns out being a mom is hard. Really hard. Throw postpartum depression (PPD) into the mix and being a mom, never mind a good one, sometimes feels impossible.

One day a few weeks ago during a support chat on Twitter, a few of us were talking about struggling with not being perfect. Then someone made a comment about being good enough. Lightbulb! Good enough… that’s a concept I need to embrace, I thought.

So now I’m working on rejoicing in the happy moments and taking a deep breath in the hard moments. My son is almost 3, so there are lots of those. But I have to remember: he is fine and I will make it and our family is full of love (and a healthy amount of dancing). And that, to me, is good enough.