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Five-Bite Friday: Steve Jobs Edition

Happy Friday, friends. This week, the world mourned the loss of the brilliant visionary who gave us the Mac, the iPhone and the iPod. He never graduated college, but he did what he loved. He defined success, and “perfect,” on his own terms. In doing so, he changed personal computing, cell phones and the way we listen to music. And so, today, in memory of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, we start our weekly Five Bites with a video of his 2005 Stanford University commencement speech.

“Your time is limited,” Jobs says. “So don’t waste it living someone else’s life. … Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice.”

Steve Jobs: “Follow Your Heart”

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TGIFive-Bite Friday

Here are five bites of work/life news to keep you warm this weekend! And be sure to wish Becky a very happy birthday.

It’s Not the XX Factor

 Pitching to Real, Imperfect Moms

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 Workplace Flexibility for Hourly Workers

 Independent Women Have Happier Relationships

TGIFive-Bite Friday

Friends, I am exhausted by my rats. I will spare you further details, except to blame them for this exceptionally concise lead-in. (Although brevity was our original plan with Five-Bite Friday …)

Happy weekend.

Teaching Our Children to … Fail

 Rising Cost of Raising Children

Blogging: Outlet for UAE Mothers

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TGIFive-Bite Friday

In addition to your five bites of work/life and parenting news, I’m including this interesting piece on social media habits — and how to know when you may have a problem: Is Facebook Driving You Crazy? It’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. Have a wonderful weekend!

Gen X Women: Fewer Kids

Yep, Pay Gap Is Real

Living with Kids House Tour

Fatherhood Leads to Testosterone Drop

 Childless Women Don’t Envy Us

TGIFive-Bite Friday

Happy Friday, friends. Today I begin our weekly five bites of work/life news and commentary with a piece from the Wall Street Journal‘s regular work/family feature, The Juggle. The writer, a fellow Medill alum, remembers choosing to head into work at the Journal‘s makeshift newsroom on September 11, 2001, less than a month before the birth of his first child. He wonders: Now that he’s a dad, would he choose differently? I don’t need to ask myself that question; I became a parent 12 days before the terrorist attacks of that day. And I distinctly remember the surprising realization that hit me as I sat glued to CNN, baby in my arms: I didn’t want to be in a newsroom. I was on maternity leave from the Chicago Sun-Times, and I was glad, really glad, that I didn’t have to leave my family and go into work. It was the first time since becoming a reporter that I’d felt that way about a major story.

That day, I knew motherhood had changed me.

Anyone else have a similar experience? If you wish, please share.

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TGIFive-Bite Friday

Here are your five bites of work/life and parenting news — plus a bonus that really intrigued me: The 6-Year-Old’s Life in 1979.  Enjoy the holiday weekend!

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